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Reliability of the SKIMO Split air conditioner

Endurance tests

Before it was marketed, the SKIMO Split air conditioner underwent various tests and longevity trials reproducing its utilisation conditions. The SKIMO split wear process was analysed and followed up by tests in a climatic chamber subjected to abrupt temperature variations.


SKIMO Split heat tests

SKIMO Split : endurance tests

SKIMO Split at the test bench


Quality control

During its manufacturing process, 100% of the SKIMO Split air conditioners are tested by a computer controlled test bench.


2 years warranty


Terms excluded form the warranty :


The warranty does not cover damages incurred by incorrect SKIMO usage, in particular the following :

  • Use in wet environments.
  • Use in highly saline environments.
  • Use in highly cidic environments.
  • Cleannin with a high-pressure jet and/or application of detergents.
  • The consumble parts (filters) or parts subject to wear are also excluded from the warranty.