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SKIMO Split Plus : equipment connection set

SKIMO : 274B58
  • 2 cables with a cross section of 16mm² (12V) or 10mm² (24V) to connect SKIMO Split to the vehicle’s battery or alternator.
    /!\ The cable cross sections must be increased for lengths longer than 5 m .

  • 1 cable with a cross section of 1mm² to connect SKIMO Split to the alternator’s D+ terminal, equipped with a FASTON 1 connector.

  • A fuse-casing and a 100A (24V) fuse.

  • A tube of silicone rubber to seal the junction between the vehicle chassis and the SKIMO Split Plus air conditioner.



An optional electric connection set hat includes the above mentioned components, except for the silicon tube, is available under SNDC ECOCLIM reference: 274B56 (12V) or 274B58 (24V).



For any piece of information on the assembly and the putting into service of SKIMO contact our customer service to 05 34 480 488