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SKIMO Split Plus: questions and answers

Since launching the SKIMO Split Plus, we regularly receive questions about this product.


We have put together the most frequently asked questions and provide what we hope are the most useful answers.



What are the minimum conditions required in order that I can install the SKIMO Split Plus in my vehicle ?

Your vehicle must be fitted with an alternator capable of supplying sufficient electricity to run your vehicle as well as the SKIMO Split Plus.


My alternator is not powerful enough. Is there a solution ?

Yes, if your vehicle or machine is fitted with an insufficiently powerful alternator, all you need to do is replace it. Your specialist or ECOCLIM supplier will have no difficulty supplying you with an alternator capable of running the SKIMO Split Plus air conditioning system perfectly for a reasonable price, as well as any other electrical parts for your vehicle.

Is the SKIMO Split Plus just an evaporative system or a real air conditioner ?

These two types of equipment should not be confused with each other. An air cooler works on the principle of air-flow passing across a simple wet pad. The SKIMO Split Plus is an air conditioner that works with a compressor according to the same principle as that of the air conditioning in your car or your home.


If you look through the technical specifications of the SKIMO Split Plus, or consult the laboratory test results, you can see its performance and confirm that it really is an air conditioner.

How do I know I can safely install a SKIMO Split Plus in my vehicle ?

Points to check:

  • Cabin space: this should be greater than 3m3, up to a maximum of 4m3
  • Cabin insulation: check that the siding of the cabin is correctly insulated from major heat sources (motor, exhaust, hydraulics…)
  • Alternator power

/!\ Warning: never cut or drill the safety cabins of "FOPS/ROPS" certified excavation machines.


The siding of the cabin next to the motor and the exhaust is not insulated. Can I still use the SKIMO Split Plus ?

Yes, using thermal insulation on the siding will reduce the amount of heat in the cabin and allow the SKIMO Split Plus to provide maximum comfort.


Does SKIMO Split Plus require regular maintenance ?

To get the most from the SKIMO Split Plus, just remember the following :

  • Don't forget to use your SKIMO Plus air conditioning system regularly, even in winter.
  • Check the state of the condenser regularly, and clean it if necessary.
  • Replace the air filter once a year for normal use, and more often if you are using it in a particularly dusty environment.
  • Like any other air conditioning system, regular check-ups from your air-conditioning specialist will ensure the reliability and longevity of your equipment.

Can I use SKIMO Split Plus when the engine is not running ?

The answer, as such, is no. SKIMO Split Plus has been developed specifically to give great performance while the engine is running. To avoid any risk of draining the battery, a safety feature shuts off the unit when the motor is switched off.