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SKIMO Split : questions and answers

Since the launch of SKIMO split, we receive on a regular basis questions about this product. They fit in 3 categories, namely technical, general and economical.


We classified the questions on this page, hopefully you will find the answers to be useful.




What are the requirements to install the SKIMO Split A/C unit ?

Your vehicle must be equipped with an alternator able to provide the electrical power for the vehicle or machine as well as for the SKIMO Split.


The alternator does not provide enough power, is there a solution ?

Yes. If you vehicle or machine is equipped with an alternator that is not powerful enough, you can simply change it. Your specialist should not have any problem, for a reasonable price, to change your alternator for a more powerful one that will be able to power the SKIMO Split A/C unit along with the other electrical equipments of your vehicle.

Is SKIMO Split simply an evaporative system or an actual air conditioning unit ?

It is important to understand the difference between these equipments. In an evaporative system, the air is just blown through a simple wet clothe, whereas the SKIMO Split is a compressor-driven A/C unit, working on the same principle than the A/C in your car.


By looking through the SKIMO Split technical datasheet , or by looking at the results obtained after trial in test-room, you will be able to see for yourself the performances and ascertain that it is a proper A/C system.

How can I know if I can install the SKIMO Split air conditioning unit on my vehicle ?

Check the following points :

  • Cabin volume : ideally under 3m3.
  • Cabin insulation: surfaces properly insulated, especially the surfaces that are near a heat source (eg. Engine, exhaust pipe, hydraulics, …).
  • Flat roof surface required : 40x30cm.
  • Roof in a rigid material (strong enough to carry the 27kg unit).
  • Alternator capacity.

/!\ Warning: do not cut or drill through "FOPS/ROPS" security certified cabins.


Some of the cabin surfaces are not insulated near a heat source (engine or exhaust pipe), can I still install the SKIMO Split A/C unit ?

Yes, you can install a SKIMO Split unit and put thermal insulating material on the surfaces near the heat source to lower the heat input for the SKIMO unit to provide optimum comfort.




Does the SKIMO Split A/C unit require regular maintenance ?

To get the best out of your SKIMO Split unit, you just need to make sure of the following :

  • Switch the SKIMO Split A/C unit on regularly, even in winter.
  • Check regularly the condenser to see if it is clean, and clean it if necessary.
  • Replace the air filter once a year for a normal use, or more often if the vehicle is used in a very dusty environment.
  • As it is the case for any A/C system, regular check-ups by your specialist will insure a better reliability and life span of your equipment.

Can I use the SKIMO unit when my engine is switched off ?

As it stands, the answer is no. The SKIMO air conditioning system was designed to have good performances while the engine is running. To avoid any risk of battery discharge, a safety switch will switch the SKIMO a/c unit off if the engine is turned off.

Is the SKIMO system able to cool down the sleeping berth of my truck ?

The A/C units and evaporative systems are designed to run during the night on the truck batteries. The deliver low cooling performances (800W), and their electric consumption is low. SKIMO is an air conditioning unit that was designed to run doffers a high cooling power (2900W). However, the electrical consumption of a SKIMO A/C unit does not allow it to run while on the battery of the vehicle without the engine running.