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SKIMO Split easy and quick to install

Installation in 5 simple steps

  1. Drill through the wall to pass the flexible hoses and electric bundle.
  2. Attach the compressor / condenser block.
  3. Attach the evaporator device.
  4. Connect the flexible hoses and the electric bundle.
  5. Fill the unit with the gas R134a.


Even though SKIMO Split is easy to install, we recommend that it be installed by a specialist due to the wide variety of possible configurations.



M6 – M10 connections

  • You need to plan for a type of connection adapted to your configuration according to the illustrations and table below.


241A41 Straight M6
241A39 Straight M10
241A37 90° M6
241A35 90° M10
options raccords M6 ou M10




Optional electric connection set

For the SKIMO Split 12V 24V | For the SKIMO Split Plus | For the SKIMO Split 80V



For any piece of information on the assembly(editing) and the putting into service of SKIMO contact our customer service to 05 34 480 488.