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SKIMO Split 80V: FAQs

On this page you’ll find the most frequently asked questions concerning the SKIMO Split 80V air conditioning system. We’ve answered them all, and we hope that you find them useful.


What are the minimum conditions I need to install the SKIMO Split 80V air conditioning system in my vehicle ?

Your motor must run on 80V batteries.

Can SKIMO Split 80V be installed on any cab ?

As it doesn’t require any cutting, it can be used on any type of cab, and in particular on FOPS/ROPS type cabs.

Can I position the evaporator unit horizontally in my cab ?

No, the evaporator unit must always be mounted in the upright position.

How do I know if I can safely install SKIMO Split 80V onto my vehicle ?

Things to remember:

  • Cab volume: ideally this is a maximum of 3m³.
  • Cab insulation: check that the cab siding is correctly insulated from major heat sources (engine, exhaust, hydraulics…).
  • Battery power

The siding of my cab next to the engine or the exhaust isn’t insulated; can I use SKIMO Split anyway ?

Yes, if you place a layer of thermal insulation on the siding, it will reduce the heat transfer into the cab and enable SKIMO Split 80V to provide you with maximum comfort.


Does SKIMO Split 80V require any specific regular maintenance ?

To get the most out of your SKIMO Split 80V air conditioning system, you should remember the following:

  • Use your SKIMO Split regularly, even in winter.
  • Regularly check the state of the condenser, and clean it if necessary.
  • Replace the air filter yearly for normal use, and more often if you are using it in a particularly dusty environment.
  • Like any other air conditioning system, regular check-ups from your air-conditioning specialist will ensure reliability and longevity from your equipment.

More details about these procedures can be found in the user manual accompanying the air conditioning system.