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SKIMO Plus air conditioning system reliability

Endurance tests

Before being put on the market, the SKIMO air conditioning unit went through trials and endurance tests reproducing its working conditions. The SKIMO unit wear-out process was analysed and controlled through endurance tests in a climatic enclosure submitted to temperature variations. At the end of the SKIMO assembly line, 100% of the SKIMO A/C units are tested on an automatic test bench.

Longevity tests

climatic enclosure test

Endurance test

Control on test bench











Compatibility tests

Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC): Test report

To meet the CE standard requirements, the SKIMO air conditioning unit was tested for Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) by an approved agency (GERAC Electromagnétisme – Thalès Group). These trials showed that the SKIMO system does not emit electromagnetic disturbances beyond the level set by the standard.


EMC test antenna
EMC results analysis
Electro-Magnetic Compatibility tests















2 years warranty


Terms excluded form the warranty :


The warranty does not cover damages incurred by incorrect SKIMO usage, in particular the following :

  • Use in wet environments.
  • Use in highly saline environments.
  • Use in highly cidic environments.
  • Cleannin with a high-pressure jet and/or application of detergents.
  • The consumble parts (filters) or parts subject to wear are also excluded from the warranty.