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| SKIMO range | Installation | SKIMO 12V 24V |


SKIMO 12V, 24V : Equipment required for the installation

SKIMO : 274B58
  • 16mm² (12V) or 10mm² (24V) cables to connect the SKIMO unit to the battery.
    /!\ The section of cables must be increased for lengthes superior to 5 m.

  • 1mm² cable to connect the SKIMO unit to the alternator D+ output (that signals that the engine is running), equipped with a 1-way “FASTON” type connector (male casing – female terminal) on one end and a terminal to connect to the D+ signal on the other end.

  • A fuse-casing and a 100A (12V) or 50A (24V).

  • Some silicone rubber to seal the roof and the unit.


An optional electric connection kit is available under the SNDC ECOCLIM references : 274B56 (12V) or 274B58 (24V).



For any piece of information on the assembly and the putting into service of Skimo contact our customer service to 05 34 480 488.