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SKIMO 80V A/C unit is efficient

Tests and technical trials

Prior to being released, the SKIMO A/C unit has undergone several tests and trials reproducing its working conditions. At the end of the SKIMO production line, 100% of the units are quality tested to make sure they are working properly.

Condition des essais

tries heat

The SNDC test room reproduces the external temperature and sun exposure conditions. The Skimo system was tested at three temperature levels on a 2.5m3 cabin :

  • a 30°C outside temperature for 60 minutes.
  • a 37°C outside temperature for 60 minutes.
  • a 43°C temperature for 60 minutes.


The air conditioning unit is switched on only once the temperature is stabilised and homogeneous within the cabin. During the test, the cabin is submitted to an average 800W/m2 solar energy. The air conditioning system is powered by a 80V DC generator.




Skimo in hot atmosphere

SKIMO in testing room

Analysis of the measures










Data collection method

The data is collected by a data collection system equipped with PT100 thermocouple temperature sensors calibrated to +/- 0.1°C.


Performances temperatures SKIMO 80 volts



With a 30°C external temperature, the temperature inside the cabin rapidly drops under 25°C and stabilises around 18°C.

With a 43°C external temperature, the temperature inside stabilizes around 21°C.


The electrical current varies according to the external temperature between 10A to 30°C and 12A to 43°C.