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SKIMO 80V A/C unit is reliable

Endurance tests

Before being put on the market, the SKIMO air conditioning unit went through trials and endurance tests reproducing its working conditions. The SKIMO unit wear-out process was analysed and controlled through endurance tests in a climatic enclosure submitted to temperature variations. At the end of the SKIMO assembly line, 100% of the SKIMO A/C units are tested on an automatic test bench.

Longevity tests

climatic enclosure test

Endurance test

Control on test bench












2 years warranty


Terms excluded form the warranty :


The warranty does not cover damages incurred by incorrect SKIMO usage, in particular the following :

  • Use in wet environments.
  • Use in highly saline environments.
  • Use in highly cidic environments.
  • Cleannin with a high-pressure jet and/or application of detergents.
  • The consumble parts (filters) or parts subject to wear are also excluded from the warranty.