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The SKIMO is easy and fast to install


SKIMO is delivered pre-loaded with R134a refrigerant gas. A qualified technician will be able to get the SKIMO unit installed and working in just a few steps.


Draw the cut out outline on the roof

Cut-out the roof

Connect the electrical cables


How to install the SKIMO unit in 5 steps:

  1. Position the cut out outline on the roof
  2. Cut out and drill through the roof
  3. Apply a silicone rubber seal
  4. Position and fasten the SKIMO unit
  5. Connect the electrical cables

2 installation configuration:

SKIMO put on roof of cabin


Skimo unit installed on a cabin roof

SKIMO put on roof of cabin


Skimo unit installed in a cantilevered position

In this case, the maximum cantilever distance is 250mm


















Although the SKIMO system is easy to install, there is a variety of ways it can be installed depending on the vehicle. It is hence recommended that you use a qualified technician to install it. This way you will be sure to get the best out of the unit without any worries.


Equipment necessary for the installation

Of SKIMO 12V 24V | Of SKIMO Plus | Of SKIMO 80V



For any piece of information on the assembly(editing) and the putting into service of Skimo contact our customer service to 05 34 480 488