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SKIMO range, Electric air conditioner


The air conditioners of the SKIMO range are entirely electric air conditioning systems. The compressor is integrated, which eliminates installation and connection requirements in the engine part. The many SKIMO versions (monobloc, Split, 12Volts, 24Volts) adapt to multiple machines or vehicles.



Which SKIMO for what use ?

Which voltage do you use ?

What is your cabin volume ?

What is the external temperature when using ?

Is it possible to cut a hole in the rooftop ?

In what environment evolves your vehicle?

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Conditions of waranty


Terms excluded form the warranty :


The warranty does not cover damages incurred by incorrect SKIMO usage, in particular the following :

  • Use in wet environments.
  • Use in highly saline environments.
  • Use in highly cidic environments.
  • Cleannin with a high-pressure jet and/or application of detergents.
  • The consumble parts (filters) or parts subject to wear are also excluded from the warranty.